The Egyptian Revolution Effect as I See It
by Kerry Guy

Change Must Come

January 25th 2011 – A day none of us who at the time were living in Egypt will ever forget!

Is Egypt the same as she was before that memorable date? Of course not – but then again no woman once pregnant is as she was before pregnancy and nor is she ever again irrespective of whether she has a miscarriage, an abortion or a healthy delivery. Pregnancy changes lives forever!

Pregnancy doesn’t only have an effect on the pregnant female – pregnancy has an effect on every member of a pregnant woman’s family, her friends and her work environment. In fact, the biological physical and emotional changes a woman undergoes during pregnancy have an overall effect on all life around her!

Egyptians Stand One

Egyptians Stand One

I see Egypt as presently being pregnant. I consider The Revolution as the conception point of this pregnancy. In mass lusty euphoria and heated passion Egyptians impregnated Egypt with a massive spark of hope housing the potential to give birth to the fairer more honest Egypt her people so heroically sought.

All pregnancies represent hope for new life. Egypt’s conceived HOPE for new life was confirmed on February 11th – the day Hosni Mubarak stepped down. Egypt was electric with excitement that day. If one can imagine the feeling of joy and excitement of prospective parents when they receive confirmation of a long awaited pregnancy being multiplied by millions maybe, just maybe a hint of the euphoria that swept through Egypt at that time can be imagined. Yet I honestly I doubt that imagining the powerful electrical energy buzz that filtered through Egypt that evening is possible unless you were here!  That night was amazing. That night I am sure I lived the highest natural fleeting high I will ever experience in my lifetime.

Egypt's Hope

Seeds for Hopes Standing up for Hope

So Egypt is now living the pregnancy she long dreamed of but pregnancy is a delicate state. Not all pregnancies are successful and all pregnancies have good days, bad days and even life threatening days. However in patient committed loving care most pregnancies run full term and end in a healthy delivery.  Family support and understanding are vital for the soon to be mother during the happy yet precarious time of pregnancy.

Egypt now in her pregnancy requires this type of patient committed supportive loving care from all her family members. Egypt is Egyptian’s Mother Land and in this land where the priority on families, but especially mothers is so high I feel this point is an important point to stress.

Support Egypt

We Patiently Commit our Support to Egypt's New Birth

I trust a New Egypt will be born but naturally the length of Egypt’s pregnancy is undeterminable because of numerous unpredictable human factors. Egypt’s pregnancy depending on how it is supported and cared for by its family members has the possibility of being either short term or long term.

The celebratory birth of the New Egypt is undeniably in the hands of her people. Egyptians have to stand together as one patiently supporting Egypt’s pregnancy just as they proudly and patiently stood together as one to bring about the monumental transformational moment of her conception during the final days of January 2011.

Let’s hope Egypt’s family both birthed and adopted follow doctors advice as how to best patiently support their Mother Land in her time of  pregnancy in the very same way they would support and care for pregnant wife sister or mother  in their direct family.

Egypt's Freedom

We Will Live Our Dream

In closing I would simply like to add a tribute to those who bravely lost their lives during the revolution. Young men and women courageously died to bring about this conception. Let them not have died in vain. It is the duty we who are left behind to honour them by supporting Egypt’s pregnancy in the best way possible to successfully bring it to full term.

Egypt Mourns

We Honor You. Rest in Peace.

Most pregnancies begin with a state of morning sickness. Egypt’s pregnancy heartbreakingly began in a state of mourning for these incredible heroes – may not one of their names ever be forgotten and may they always rest in peace.

Revelution Hope

Egypt Awaits New Birth


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