ENERGY: The Great Unseen that powers all that is seen!

Some years back simply hearing the word ‘EnerGy’ in conversations terrorized me making me want to run from any room in which it was spoken – but of course I didn’t for that would have shown my complete ignorance of the exact meaning of ‘EnerGy’ in the context in which it was being used!

Hearing that ‘EnerGy’ word always had the same aggravating affect on me as an elusive prickle in an under garment!

Energy  Essence Heals

EnerGy is Life – No EnerGy = No Life

At that time in my life I could no more have publicly questioned a deeper meaning of ‘EnerGy’ than I could have publicly removed a prickle from my undergarment, for both acts would have brought me immense embarrassment and shame!

Many assumed ‘Enlightened Guru’ style teachers bandied the word ‘EnerGy’ around  in what I then considered to be such a superior condescending manner that I daren’t give them the satisfaction of knowing that I had no idea what they were talking about! Of course I’d heard of EnerGy – every one has! I studied physics at school and I new when I was tired that my EnerGy was depleted but they weren’t talking about EnerGy that way!

Suffering from what could only be an inferiority complex I preferred to see these Enlightened Gurus – as I sarcastically labelled them – as closed teachers; that is teachers who wanted to hold onto there secrets rather than share them enabling others to also become Enlightened Gurus! I now laugh at how in fear and low self esteem I allowed myself to believe that these wonderful teachers were being elusive about  EnerGy as they understood it. I preferred to believe they that their belief was that only ‘the chosen few’ of whom they were a part could ever hope to understand  EnerGy beyond its obvious way of being understood! Oh how the fear deludes and cripples us when we allow it to!

Energy is Life

EnerGy Eternally connects us to all that is because EnerGy Eternally is all that is!

In the presence of those more spiritually aware than myself  I felt so ignorant- so dumb! I shouldn’t have I know, because for every person who hopes to learn more in life there has to be a teacher who knows more than they do!  Teachers serve students and students serve teachers , for there would be no need for one without the other -that’ s just how it has to be and exactly how it is! And I wasn’t alone none – of us ever are in our life searches many people are always on our ‘Meaning of Life’ discovery journeys with us!

EnerGy, it seemed had to play a big part in my Meaning  of Life’ journey of exploration and that initially bothered me greatly as I couldn’t even  get a hint of a more profound understanding of EnerGy. The dictionary defines EnerGy as -a power- a force – and as vigor and this I understood perfectly through an educated conditioned belief  -but I sensed there was more, and I further sensed that even though I was intimidated by those whom I had then unkindly labelled  ‘Enlightened Gurus’, that if I remained connected with them that I couldn’t help but eventually reach a greater understanding of Life Energy – Life Power – Life Force – and Life Vigor!

EnerGy is an Eternal Life Flow

EnerGy is an Eternal Life Flow

I knew that EnerGy was real even though I couldn’t see it and then finally after staying in the light of the Enlightened ones whose EnerGy conversations no longer bothered me  I came to realise that understanding EnerGy was a vital foundational spiritual undergarment that I  should at all times be wearing! The outer layers of life which once in unawareness had irritated  my questioning spirit no longer bothered me in the same way that nylon fabric does not irritate my body when worn with a comfortable fitting prickle free undergarment

However to have disclosed back then how little I knew of ‘EnerGy’ would have then left me feeling completely naked and vulnerable! I naively assumed that admitting my lack of understanding of EnerGy would have  left me open for potential scorn and ridicule which would have devastated me as I had faced so much of that as a lonely over-weight child!

In the context I now understand EnerGy I recognise that the untreated EnerGy of childhood wounds stays with us throughout our adult life unless we then choose to deal with it. If we choose to deny the need to heal these  EnerGy wounds in adulthood then they will most assuredly accompany us in death which means instead of dying lightly and freely we die a little heavy and somewhat imprisoned!!

EnerGy Life Flow

As EnerGy Flows EnerGy Grows

EnerGy understanding was tough learning exercise for me because I had been an ‘A’ school student which primarily made it very difficult for me to ask questions as ‘A’ students generally have most of the answers! Grasping the meaning of  EnerGy to help me  learn more about life required a completely new style of learning which meant that in this learning experience that all my academic study was irrelevant ! Life I was quickly discovering was indeed multidimensional and it further seemed that the dimension I seeking to better comprehend were unseen. Trusting in the unseen I knew required faith and the word faith led me directly to the word God!

Now I saw a plausible connection between God and EnerGy! As I pondered this connection I realised that the discomfort I had experienced as an adult when in the presence of conversations where the word ‘EnerGy’ kept appearing was exactly the same type of discomfort that I had experienced as  child while being spoken to about God! 

                                            Could this be a coincidence or are God and EnerGy ONE?

God Essence

EnerGy Knows No Borders – We are All Connected God Essence Sons and Daughters

I now believe without a doubt that God and Energy are synonymous – Both are Unseen – Both source Creation -Both are Forces of Power- Both give us Vigor – Both are accessed through Faith -Both require endless exploration by we humans in order to best live our life potential – Both gift us the ability to manifest our ever life Dream  -Both are Abundant -Both are Silent- and Both are Eternal and Ever Present. Yes I now truly believe that EnerGy is the Essence of God! It wasn’t until recently when I intuitively began writing the EnerGy with a capital E and G that I decoded the message that this  was sending – The capital E and G represent the Essence of God within EnerGy!

Will I ever fully understand EnerGy? I doubt it -no more than I will ever fully understand God. But now that I understand EnerGy as the Power Force of God I am much more comforted to go with the flow of the EnerGy of Life, and  I am much more willing to be Patient and Accepting of life while Trusting completely that the EnerGy of Life will always keep me safe and on track while I’m on earth and that EnerGy will eventually fly me in my form of God Essence the source on my being!

Kerry Guy ©

The The Celestine Prophecy – the book really opened me up to better understanding EnerGy. I also thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

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