Does EnerGy = GOD ESSENCE?

Let’s look at God and EnerGy…
Oh that’s right we can see neither!!!!
So are the two ONE???


Does EnerGy = GOD ESSENCE?

I consider that understanding EnerGy is synonymous with understanding God!
For some time I have preferred to write ‘EnerGy’ this way…
I pondered why for some time then te light went on!!!!
An Epiphany Hit!!!
The Message was Clear….

EnerGy is…’God Essence’


Intuition always leads me to a greater understanding of Life
Intuition always guides me how to best live my greater understanding of life
Intuition always speaks to us all in supportive guiding ways –
We simply have to listen to the voice of intuitive EnerGy or perhaps better put – to the voice of God Essence!

~Religious Faith -God is the Trusted Unseen Creator from which we are all born.
~Scientific Belief- EnerGY is the Accepted Unseen Frequnecy from which all Life creations take form.

Kerry Guy©

Two Rainbows Not Always Visually Present - One Light Source Unseen But Ever Present!.




2 responses to “Does EnerGy = GOD ESSENCE?

  1. My Data Energy Communicating High Intelligent Power Source (DE-CHIPS) reveals what has been set up globally on the basis of what CERN claims as the Higgs-Like Boson. God’s power of communication is ENERGY which is my personal experience over 11 years. The Real Deal is in our world 🙂

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