Apolgy to Women From Men – My thoughts!!!!

The following is my response to a youtube video I saw where men apologised to women many things.

I am not saying that I am right or wrong  or that the men in the video are right or wrong for there is no right or wrong in life but rather endless limitless possibilities of states of being!

All I am saying in this note is that this is how I felt as I partially watched the video for I truly couldn’t watch it to the very end for to me it didn’t feel necessary…that we women had some personal apolgising to do too as do men to themselves for some of the present undesirable labels and pressure  they now live with and under!

When I am Balanced Nothing or No-one can Challenge my Perfection of Being...


My response may be seen by some as provocative for collectively women do seem over time to have been handed a rough deal collectively by men – But have they really??? There are always two sides to ever coin!

My response to ‘An Apology from Men’……

# I have to ask if there is there an equal opposite apology for men … for we all do do unto ourselves that which we feel they do unto us…we are only ever treated as we allow ourselves to be treated… I am a woman and once I would have loved to have heard these apologies from men directed to me and other women but now I realise that I have to make these apologies to myself for it was my own  masculine energy out of balance that wronged me or rather offered my feminine countless opportunities to step into her full power in balance with her equal opposite masculinity…

I apologise to myself and to every other person I may have wounded in my out of balance state of being…

I still swing in and out of balance and will continue to do so because that is just the way life is- so my apology is ongoing!


Every day numerous thoughts I ponder as I gaze into life's vast blue yonder...



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