A good friend once mentioned to me that watching a movies   was a form of meditation.
OK,  I thought maybe this is possible but doesn’t a movie add to thoughts rather than diminish them?

 Last night I answered my own question! Last night, not a movie, but a downloaded full season television series took me into one of the deepest meditations I have every experienced!   

Last night suddenly turned into the early hours of this morning without me even realizing how far out of perceived 3D reality I’d been taken!The tiredness I was experiencing – which was clearly telling me that I should sleep – when I began watching the series dissipated instead of increasing after 5 hours viewing! And this morning after only a few hour sleep I am energized and inspired in a new heightened way!

I had by focusing my complete attention on a series lifted my consciousness way out of my time framed reality. I lost time – I lost all concerns – I lost all thought – I wasn’t even thinking about the series – I was in NOW – I was Present in NOW 100% and in NOW 100% I was nowhere and everywhere at the same time – I was in both timed and timelessness – I was fully present yet not present – IT WAS GREAT!!!

I had fully allowed the series to offer me a point of focus that took into the fullness of reward of wholeheartedly allowing!

It truly is amazing where life will take us and how life will get us there when we hold steadfast to a point of focus and simply surrender to the EnerGy Flow of Life or n other words God!

When we Focus Surrender & Allow we will most assuredly always be led to  our Divine Pot of Gold in Life

I also now agree with my friend’s statement –


Kerry Guy