HOW DOES facebook IMPACT YOUR LIFE? – Updated!

#Since I wrote this article almost two weeks ago I have watched the movie Social Network and after doing so – if the movie is an accurate account of facebook’s inception – I can fully comprehend why there is such a flow of good and less than good intent in facebook’s use!

#However as I consider that facebook has developed into a far more positive than negative social network my faith is reaffirmed in the reality that Good always overpowers Evil as it invariably does in Fairy-tales and Children’s Stories.

In life even if we can’t at first see it  -The Good Guy Always Wins – And so it is!


TODAY , May 30th 2011 ACCORDING TO A GOOGLE SEARCH I RAN ABOUT 301,000,000 PEOPLE SUBSCRIBE TO facebook! I have no idea if this figure is correct or not but we all know that facebook is subscribed to by a huge number – perhaps the number is even greater!

Are you one of these people?

What  initially prompted you to subscribe to facebook?

Do you believe that facebook has fulfilled or perhaps even  in some ways more than filled your initial hopes when you subscribed to it?

What do you believe has been the predominant draw card to this most recognized social networking website of the 21at century that has kept it growing and growing since it was first launched by its founder  Mark Zuckerberg on February 4th, 2004?

THE PROS AND CONS OF SUBSCRBING TO facebook ARE WIDE RANGING and all conceived through human input and interaction.

FACEBOOK itself however should never be held accountable for how people choose to use it!


I further believe that facebook when used with integrity is one of the most effective positive and appreciated social vehicles in our present day world.

Sadly however facebook by some is not always used with integrity.

Often facebook is  seen as an unsolicited dating platform, or an open arena for flirtatious inappropriate and totally disrespectful comments! A percentage of facebook users  see facebook as an opportunity to vent pent-up anger, hostility  or even as a forum to voice deliberate antagonizing opposition to beliefs other than there own rather than embracing new possibilities of thought! Some people delight in expressing their thoughts freely freedom while denying others the same right. And all this, which I consider to be less than favorable behaviour must be acknowledged as being a part of human nature. However this type of rude behavior need not be accepted by any of us on any of our facebook walls as we each have available to us a ‘Remove From Friend List’ and ‘Block User’ option!

The only reason anyone ever offends any of us is simply because we allow them to!

Rather than complain about the user we consider to have offended us perhaps we should consider our personal responsibility in allowing the offense to pass without comment.

If we fail to state how we genuinely feel in our hearts concerning what is and isn’t appropriate in our personal lives then how in all honesty can we expect another to know how we feel?

And furthermore how can we gain the resepct we seek from others if we don’t first show ourselves respect?

If we let hurtful, disrespectful or inappropriate comments pass us by without commenting we are inadvertanly giving them approval and therefore disrespecting ourselves. In these circumstances we can in no way hold anyone but the self accountable – for if we don’t express our feelings with integrity, will never be understood or shown respect.


Facebook is a great place to learn more about the self and life.

Facebook is a great place to discover aspects of ourselves we had never before dreamed existed as we assess our very reaction to every post and comment made on our wall or the walls of others.

Facebook brings the world into our home every day if we so desire, affording us the opportunity to mix with cultures that before were simply understood by what edited documentaries, books or movies portrayed to us.

‘Facebook Helps us Get Real in Life and With Oursleves!’

Problems other than those previously mentioned above can arise in this social networking system simply because of its input of human nature.

I believe that the most excusable reason for some of the human interaction problems experienced on facebook may simply stem from a lack of awareness! As millions of people of varying cultures and creeds connect on  facebook misunderstanding are often born because of inadequate language familiarity and comprehension together with  a low level of awareness of what is and what isn’t acceptable cultural behaviour to the person, or persons with whom one is interacting.

If one is to travel the world  it is advised that he or she gain at least a basic understanding of all the cultures he or she will interact with throughout their journey, Facebook is a world tour every time we log onto it and I feel many people assume that everyone fully understands each other because we are all connecting via the same technological medium.

Computers all work the same way irrespective of the country of their origin or the language spoken in the country of their of their origin. People are not machines nor are they technical apparatuses 0 people are human! People all have  hearts and feelings which do all work the same way – but that same way is dependent on their cultural background and upbringing.

Never assume that because you think one way, that automatically the person with whom you are connecting in another part of the world will feel as you do – or that they will fully comprehend the message you are trying to convey through your language use and choice of words! Facebook users can trigger many moods in us all!

                                                                               FACEBOOK IS FANTASTIC as long as we don’t step into a fantasy world illusion about it instead of a real world reality!!!!!

In our  considered overpopulated world today there are countless lonely people craving social interaction – and facebook for this reason alone is a blessing which offers a wonderful life enhancing service. Many people have created surrogate families through facebook. People who once felt a sense of despair and hopelessness now have hope and purpose in their life simply by feeling connected to others! They finally have someone to share their problems with as they have discovered open ears and hearts to just listen to them voice their pain and problems. Listening is the major initial stage of healing we all at times need – as listening signifies caring and no-one  heals without some level of care!

Some people are housebound due to pained debilitating illness and facebook by its very nature daily helps take these peoples’ minds from their pain out of their restricted living area into practically every country of the world! New expansive thoughts take them from old pain based restricting thoughts. Facebook offers an instantaneous  prescription that no doctor or medical practitioner could! Facebook in this scenario proves the power of the mine is stronger than that of the body!
And facebook does more….

SUPPORTIVE GROUPS are formed in every imaginable area of life- CAUSES are backed and millions of dollars are raised to support these worthy causes – ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS are addressed as people brain storm both day to day and long term solutions to all types of pollution – CHARITIES are formed- Long LOST FRIENDS  and FAMILY MEMBERS are REUNITED – WORLD EVENTS are DISCUSSED from every angle not just as portrayed by the media – Businesses, Writers, Inspirational Speakers, Teachers offer their goods, services and insights to all who wish to join their page – MUSIC from all walks of life is introduced to where it has never been heard before -And SMILES that otherwise would not have happened are put on peoples faces  every day because of facebook!


Yes we may at times be shown blatant disrespect or treated in ways that we do not appreciate by some of our  less enlightened facebook friends and we generally know when we are shown deliberate disrespect or inappropriate flirting  – but these ‘friends’ can be very easily removed from out friend list and blocked!

But when in doubt as to whether that which you deemed to be disrespectful actually was intended as such please to  take time to check if perhaps it was merely a language or cultural misunderstanding in a private message. State clearly, politely and respectfully that which upset or offended you in their post or comment and try to clarify if offense was your friends intention. Don’t, for obvious reasons plaster comments of this nature on your wall or your friends wall. A genuinely sincere person will understand your query and refrain from posting further comments without being fully aware of their meaning.

Also many people complain about being tagged in photos. These people generally find it easier to take time to write a message of complaint to their friend rather than to simply remove their tagged name. That baffles me! Facebook is about interaction and making friends so one should consider tagging as expected, and as a friendly interactive complementary gesture as long as the tag that is not offensive. And this – to some- seemingly highly distressing situation can easily be avoided – as tagging can be blocked in privacy settings!

Being included in  a thread also bothers quite a few people. Again facebook is about interaction with others  and threads are apart of interaction. There is a delete tab clearly positioned on the facebook direct message page and one equally as prominent on email in-boxes both of which can very easily be clicked by those who prefer not keep reading all the incoming thread comments. Many facebook friends prefer this simple ‘Delete’ exercise rather than voicing a complaint for having been included in a gifted message which obviously was believed to have been of interest to the receiver!

Some delete buttons I deduce must be less prominent than others or why else would people prefer to complain to their friends about a friendly gesture rather than taking the quicker and easier option of simply clicking to delete!

I am guessing that if you are reading this blog that you are one of the recorded approximate 310,000,000 facebook subscribers today.

Why any of us joined facebook is unimportant.

Whether facebook has fulfilled our reason for joining facebook is also unimportant.

What is important is that we use facebook with integrity and that we show fellow facebook users total respect. If at any time you are unsure if a comment you would like to add to anyone’s wall is disrespectful in even the slightest way to his or her culture then dont make it or simply click like if you like it.

Remember if deliberate unwarranted disrespect is shown toward any of us that we  all have a ‘Remove From Friend List’ option and a ‘Block User’  option available for us to click!

Overall when balancing the pros and cons of facebook I believe the pros far outweigh the cons and I firmly believe that the world is becoming  a better brighter more connected place because of facebook.

This of course is just my opinion which need not be yours and if  it offends you in any way feel free to comment below as to why or delete  this post!


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