How when we are all sons and daughters of ONE creator can we not consider ourselves as members of the ONE FAMILY OF LIFE?

How if we accept the ONE FAMILY OF LIFE concept as truth, can we turn our  backs on the unnecessary sufferings of so many of our fellow family members on earth today?

How can we possibly ever show indifference to any other of our fellowmen rather than embracing them as direct members of our ONE FAMILY OF LIFE?

How can any of us not consider ourselves in some energetic way partially responsible for the life paths walked by another in our ONE FAMILY OF LIFE whether they be deemed favourable or unfavourable?

Throughout our world today so many are lonely, homeless, hungry, addicted, committing crimes, hating, resenting and basically spitting on life itself!

Why is this?

And how can so many of the masses turn a blind eye to this huge plea for help?

Its well noted that a naughty disobedient child acts as it does as a cry for help and attention

If helpful attention is not given to a child the same needs for attention and behavioural traits will accompany that child into adulthood with increased severity.

Many of us today consider that the core of our adult pains and struggles lay in our family upbringing – but is this fair? Can we really focus sole blame on our two birth parents in a world where energetically we are ONE FAMILY OF LIFE?

The older I grow the more I question life and its infinite possibilities. And the more I trust life to answer my questions the more I sense that we are all responsible in some way for the lives we all live both  individually and as one combined human race!

Maybe from a Higher Understanding our birth parents were supposed to in some way – as we call it ‘Let us Down ‘  in order for us to realise that we are in fact ONE FAMILY OF LIFE and that we ourselves could be held equally responsible for feeling let down in life for not having sought out help firstly directly from our Creator – and then from our extended family which is huge!

Not only is our extended family huge but it is multi-cultural and therefore has countless takes on the same life situation – which cements my belief that in life there are in limitless possibilities most of which should not be labelled as clearly wrong or right! Every life choice leads to a result which is seen as either favourable or unfavourable depending on personal or cultural opinion. This thought leads to many more possibilities which for now are not related to the topic at hand which is ONE FAMILY OF LIFE.

On this subject I truly believe is that we are ONE UNIFIED FAMILY and that we are here to love, help and support each other throughout life in whatever role is required at any given time – whether that  role be one of energetic mother, father, sister brother, uncle , aunt, cousin son, daughter or even family friend!

Maybe, just maybe if enough of us wholeheartedly support as THE ONE FAMILY OF LIFE concept we can help not only alleviate loneliness, hunger, homelessness but also the need for prisons, rehabilitation centers, institutions for the mentally challenged as we reshape our world in to one of Peace Love Understanding and Acceptance  through which do truly grow into the ONE UNIFIED FAMILY of LIFE!


Mawaddah – A Vision of HOPE can be studied on facebook. Mawaddah is a concept through which family environments can be created for those in our world who feel isolated, lost and alone.   Mawaddah is a Community Service and Outreach Centre designed to integrate the elderly in need of care together with homeless women, and orphaned children in a shared loving supportive family atmosphere.!/pages/Mawaddah-A-Vision-of-HOPE/157761750955829?sk=wall

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